The Voyage collection by Santamargherita 

Santamargherita is one of the top quality quartz brands we manufacture here at Not Just Granite. They have just launched their new collection, Voyage and Not Just Granite are delighted to now be able offer this delightful Quartz collection to our customers.

Inspired by wind, Voyage is the branches of a tree quivering in the wind, the ripples of waves on the open sea, the intangible tracks of a traveller on the desert’s dunes.   The wind inspired Santamargherita’s new collection, technology perfected it.  This is Voyage:


Grecale Quartz Ireland


Tramontana Quartz Ireland


Scirocco Quartz Ireland


Levante Quartz Ireland


Ponente Quartz Ireland


Libeccio Quartz Ireland

Get in touch with us today for a quotation in any of Santamargherita’s fantastic quartz colours.  Click here to view the full santamagherita collection we offer.